Exercise is your gift to you. Exercise is not punishment

It’s Saturday morning, shy of 8:00 am. I’m laced up, and ready for a run. I am so excited!!! I always feel excited and happy when I decide to do this because I know what it does for me. Just like lifting weights,running is fun. Any form of exercise should be fun. When I run, it’s mariswicksmain FUN, CHALLENGING. I know it will BOOST my MOOD and keep me STRONG.

Exercise is NOT PUNISHMENT!! And you should not think of it at soley as a way to lose weight or to burn up those calories you consumed the night before. Don’t rely on it to allow you to over-eat at tonight’s dinner party. If you look at it that way you will always use it as a form of punishment or as the thing that will get you out of the quilt or fear you have from your late night binging or overeating. Don’t get up in the morning thinking you have to exercise today because you need to burn those calories. Get up today and look forward to exercising. Make it a desire, make it a want (not just a need).

Think of exercise as your GIFT to YOU!!! Make it fun, turn on your favorite tunes, lace up those cute sneakers, look at yourself in the mirror with your comfy workout gear and love what you see, NO MATTER what size you are because you should be loving yourself – you are in the moment now where its all about giving yourself this joy, this gift to good health, to have FUN and do your body some GOOD!!!!!

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