Buddy it up for fitness


A friend of mine recently asked for my help by providing her with some fitness tips and training to help her get back in shape. I of course was more than happy and up to the task. We decided to meet this morning for a bit of cardio and strength training exercises. Well, what I thought would be a one on one personal training kind of thing turned out to be so much more. We walked and talked for close to an hr this morning, enjoying the beautiful weather and our time together catching up and sharing some good laughs, all while we worked our legs, arms and heart. We ended up walking in the area for close to one hr! Where did the time go?! When we got back I showed her a few strength training routines that work for me and I believe will work for her. Well, aside from the satisfaction I could see in her eyes and smile as she enjoyed the exercises, I felt so happy to see my friend working hard and enjoying her time lifting weights, working her arms and doing her crunches with proper technigue. I also found working out with her to be a lot of fun. It was a very pleasant change from my days of training alone. Best of all, we plan to get together again in a few weeks so we can do it all over again… and in the meantime, she will be sticking to the routines I showed her today. She now knows ‘someone’ is watching too … so she knows she needs to stay in the game :-).

Working out with a friend is fantastic. Check out the ‘Top 3 reasons to work out with a friend’, compliments of SheKnows, authored by Jessica Padykula. 




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