Surround Yourself with Good People and Always Drink Good Coffee

Life is Short. Surround Yourself with good people AND only drink good coffee.

Life is Short. Surround Yourself with good people AND only drink good coffee.

A Primary Food: Good friendships.
A Secondary Food: Good coffee beans

I love this little poster-like slogan (see attached). It popped into my day like magic and put a smile on my face.

As I read the words in the image I thought of another analogy. Not only is it best to surround yourself with good people and drink good coffee – it’s also a good idea to get rid of the rotten or bitter stuff that sits in your ‘pantry’ all these years and only makes you feel so-so after a taste of it time and time again. Although the ‘packaging’ may still look nice and the marketing behind it says its good for you – the bad taste it leaves in your mouth gets worse and worse over time. Some things get rotten, some ppl do too. And the ‘beans’ it comes from or surrounds itself with are not good either. And after consumption of something rotten, you too feel rotten and turn green or grumpy or upset. Sadly the ‘company’ that fed you the stuff says its you….not them. You second guess yourself and try it again, and again. But…..when you finally get rid of the bad stuff, you feel better and although the bad stuff can still creep back in your life one way or another… the taste of ‘rotten food’ reminds you of just how delicious and healthy the good stuff in your life truly are. In fact you feel abundantly nourished!

So it’s not just the good food we eat that has the amazing potential to nourish us for great health… it also the good company we keep that nourishes our souls and our minds.

I love this cute little poster’s message. Surround yourself with GOOD ppl and savour the deliciousness of good coffee.

Actions speak much louder than words. Good ppl both welcome your genuine affection and time for them and give it back within their capacity for giving. And the ppl that you surround yourself with that you realize during those times that you leave them after time well spent with them with a smile and thinking ‘wow, I love what she says, does, is….and she inspires me and loves me too’ – are the ones that nourish you. LOOK BEYOND THE ‘PACKAGING’ guys for it’s the ingredients and how it really makes you feel that is important.

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