Week of action to end World Hunger

mother-teresa-feedingHappy October. This month is World Hunger Action Month. Let’s all do our part by joining the global movement. Whether you think globally or locally, there is hunger everywhere, even within our own communities or close to our places of work. There certainly is hunger in the major City that I call my home away from home.

This week specifically is Pope Francis’s ‘Week to End World Hunger’, Oct. 12 -18.
I have my bag of non-perishable food items ready to go as I head downtown to the office. My day will include dropping off the non-perishables to the local Salvation Army Evangeline Centre for Women. I also plan to prepare ziplocks filled with washed and cut veggies and hand them out over the course of this week to those homeless folks I pass by every day as I walk to and from my office. Some of the men and women I see ever day are the same folks I have seen for a number of years. We can’t judge or question how they got there. They may not have been born into poverty but they certainly live in poverty today. They may have severe mental illnesses or suffered a misfortune. Whatever the reasons for there current circumstances – they could use a little human love.

Think about how YOU can help. Be someone’s unknown hero today.

“If You can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one’. – Mother Theresa

With gratitude,


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