Meatless Monday Recipe: Delicious Super Quinoa Salad


It’s Monday which in our home means it’s Meatless Monday. Going meat-free one day each week is a powerful way for each of us to reconnect with foods that are nutritious, delicious and cruelty-free.

That said, for my husband and I to get our picky eater to eat certain meat-free greens can be a bit of a challenge which means we get creative and incorporate using delicious herbs and spices, purees, etc.

Today however I’m craving a little something that I know won’t require any pureeing of veggies. Today we will be having a lunchtime meal similar to GLOW – a delicious food staple I discovered with a friend of mine at iQ Food Co that’s essentially quinoa salad with super kale and other plant based food. in Toronto a few months back. It’s extremely nutritious and tasty. Give it a try. I know you won’t be disappointed!!

– organic quinoa
– massaged kale
– roasted sweet potatoes
– avocado
– cabbage
– julienned carrots
– cucumbers
– home-made hummus with a lemon vinegrette
– seasoning with a hint of pepper

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  1. I’m thinking of including this salad on New Year’s Eve, something healthy has to be there..

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