Take it easy, GO slowly. Happy New Year 2015!


Take it easy, GO slowly… in 2015.

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again!

There have been so many memorable moments in 2014 for so many of us including new adventures, new ventures, new friends, reconnection with old friends, special moments with close friends and family, beautiful unions (weddings, engagements), reconsiliations, personal achievements, overcoming obstacles, family & friends there during difficult times to support us and love us, and simple moments that took our breath away.

There have also been long and short but profound battles of many sorts, sadness, tragedies, losses, scares, and the passing of beautiful loved ones. So many things we find so difficult to face or understand. Thank goodness for love, our faiths, our friends and families – to be there for one another. This is all life and each year we are faced with the un-knowns. BUT we need to move forward.

Something to think about as we welcome the new year: ‘They’ say that life is short but some say life is a long time too so let’s never stop believing that we can do something or be that someone we want to be and go for it – big or small – lets pursue old dreams or new ones in 2015 or try something we always thought of experiencing (there is always some way) – no matter how old we say we are (no more excuses), and slow down a little bit while we work to achieve our goals & dreams (and the deams & goals of those who need our help or guidance to pursue theirs) – SLOW down a little bit so that we can hold on to those beautiful moments that have the Power to last Forever! A family friend’s famous words to my sister and I as children was to “take it easy, go slowly”. Wise words. Take it easy my friends, go slowly…. but GO. Go for it 🙂

Happy 2015 everyone! Thank you – so many of you – for your friendships (old and new). You each have your little something unique and good that makes a difference in my life, even something like making me smile or laugh, giving me an ‘uh-huh’ moment, idea or that flame that motivates me just a little more (I have a procrastination thingy) ;-). Life does not revolve just around you or me, or him or her. We all have our own dreams and fears and responsibilities…. but isn’t it nice to know that somehow, at some point in time we were each connected in some way and are friends for one reason or another?

Soooooo, let’s slow down, be grateful, get creative with patience and vision and SEE those special little moments that have the Power to last Forever. Take it easy, GO…. slowly 🙂

Talk to you next year! Xo

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