Happy Client = Happy Health Coach


The best part of being a health coach is seeing and feeling the joy your clients radiate when they are HAPPY as the results of their training and shift in eating habits begins to show! And I love it when they take a few moments out of their busy day to write me such positive messages! I feel so happy for them.
January 30th, 2015.
From: L. Close to the 1 month point of a 3 month program.

‘Morning. I have to say I am staring to feel a change in my body. A good one. The lunges r getting easier and my cardio as well. Weight training brings in a different form of cardio. I took my measurements yesterday. So feb 12 th will be the one month mark. Can’t wait. Pictures will tell more than a scale. I hope. Lol. Have a great weekend.’

Thank you ‘L’. Congrats on the changes you’re seeing in your body. A little coaching with accountability, discipline and new way of honouring & taking care of your body is paying off! And oh how wonderful and exciting it is to see the gradual transformations. Enjoy the journey! – Healthy regards, Susana

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