I LOVE this quote!
Thank God that this quote made me laugh!!
Can YOU find the humour to what Woody Allen is saying?
Or do you just nod in agreement or disillusionment.

I hope you do or can find the humour in it because when you can laugh at the irony presented here – it must mean that you are at peace, have come to terms, healthy and capable of letting go of fear. Love heals you from suffering and helps to heal others. Love heals things, heals people and animals (physically too!) in one mysterious way or another.

As per the wonderful Bernie Siegel, MD….in connection to Woody Allen’s quote: “… if it made you laugh that means you’re healthy (mentally)”.

Thank you Institute of Integrative Nutrition and teacher Bernie Siegel for the powerful lecture about ‘survival behaviour and how to love the life you live’ and how to use LOVE AS MEDICINE!

For more on the healing power of love and Dr. Bernie Siegel, check out http://www.berniesiegel

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