READY, SET, GO…. with Cardio and Weights



It’s been said that it takes 2.5 hours of cardio to deliver weight loss and favorable heart health a week. Life is busy, I know that very well. I also know because of live it every day  and understand that it is up to us individually to decide how to break up those 2.5 hours.  It is possible, there are very few excuses that warrant not to get your daily dose of cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting.  A one hr workout is just 4% of your day!

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to start moving again with an exercise program or healthy habits? Are you beginning to feel trapped in a closet of fatique, clothes that no longer seem to fit right, poor health with little control of what you’re eating at night  (the usual suspect/time for binge eating)?  Do you see your aging mom and dad becoming couch potatoes, gaining excessive weight or losing too much muscle and their vitality?

It can be very hard to pull yourself ( or see those we love ) out of that rut and even though you/they desire change and to commit to regular exercise and to avoiding chips and sweets….but YOU/THEY CAN! We all get into these unhealthy ruts (I have, can) but by keeping active even during those ruts it helps us pull through and keep us moving forward.

That said, keeping active (at any age).doesn’t mean your walk around the grocery store or mall with a Starbucks vanilla bean latte topped with whipped cream. No, no, no.


Active physical activity  is the inclusion of daily exercise to your life (at least 30 -45 minutes of long duration cardio at a steady pace on a machine or walks and/or runs outdoors) with strength training or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT, another type of cardio exercise) . But don’t think cardio alone will get you to that lean and toned weight loss goal. Excessive cardio alone only burns fat – and it also burns muscle causing the ‘skinny-fat’ look.! You need strength training to prevent muscle loss and build muscle.


Cardio without healthy nutrition is a waste of your time! A healthy diet that works for you will make you lose fat faster, give you lots of energy and will make you feel better

If you are just getting back to working out or a beginner. … or have an aging aging parent with 20-30 % body fat, I recommend losing the fat by doing long duration cardio. This will be easier mentally than say high intensity interval training  (HIIT).Combine this with strength training and healthy nutrition.

Keep in mind that long duration cardio takes longer to burn fat than HIIT. …. but it does burn fat. Body fat may take longer to go down,  but it does go down!  And since long duration cardio (especially coupled with a friend or you pet dog) is easier than HIIT, you’re less likeky to quit or skip workouts.

So remember, even so much as incorporating long duration cardio into your day, every day (or at the least 5 days a week) with some stength training (ie. lift some dumbells, squats, ab crunches) and healthy eating will get you out of that dreaded rut!

Need more guidance? Need a plan? Need a pantry make-over? Need some fitness tips?

Need a real life line and coach? I would be more than happy to talk to you and help you on your journey to better health, motivation and happiness.  Contact me for a free consultation.

Healthy and Caring Regards,

Susana Andres Mignosa

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