Hey Big Food Industry, Exercise DOES Help and You Know It!



Abs are made in the kitchen but daily exercise does help, a lot.

This article (see link above) is all over the place. While I agree that “you can’t out run a bad diet” this article in my opinion is poorly worded. This article seems to encourage people to not bother with exercising. People need to exercise!! That said …. people need to stop or at the least reduce as much as possible their consumption of sugar and avoid consuming processed/packaged food!

We need to eat real, whole food AND exercise. Exercise has sooooo many benefits: physical, mental, emotional, social!

I tell my clients and friends that diet is key, however, exercise DOES promote weight loss and maintenance! And strength training builds muscle and muscle burns fat!! I can’t stress it enough! Lift weights guys!

This article is sending the wrong message!! If someone consumes junk food, there is no amount of exercise that will help if metabolic syndrome has already kicked in!! Remember or keep in mind how you felt/feel after a night of sugary sweets or salty chips or drinking a few rum and cokes! 200 or 400 EMPTY CALORIES of cake or soda is very different than 200 or 400 calories from nuts. Nuts release very little insulin and can sate your appetite so you satisfied your hunger while junk food of bad refined and processed carbs reduces satiety, increases hunger and cravings and triggers a rush of insulin, which leads to fat! The food industry’s stance is VERY MUCH like the big tobacco industry.

The focus should be different. Exercising makes you feel good just like healthy eating makes you feel good 🙂

If we could all just focus on nourishing and honouring our bodies and our family’s with healthy food and physical activity, instead of the number on the scale and dieting…. than healthy weight loss, healthy weight maintenance, good health and an overall happier well being will follow automatically 🙂

With good health & kindness,
Susana Andres Mignosa

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