7 Exercises that Really Work


Does your current workout really work? Are you all cardio and no strength and conditioning? Perhaps your form is off or you are missing out on some excellent exercises that will really make a difference to your shape and/or strength and energy levels.

Done right, these 7 exercises that you can do at a gym or at home will give you results that you can see and feel. Done right and consistently over even a short period of time, you will begin to see and feel some pretty fantastic and positive changes with your body shape, strength, energy and overall well being – just remember to eat right too (healthy, balanced diet with plenty of lean protein and greens 🙂 )

Check out the forms shown by the trainer in the slides/pictures available when you click the link below. See how to properly perform these seven exercises including walking, interval training, squats, lunges, crunches, and the bend-over row.

Tip: Do what I do – print off these 7 slides, paste them to a corkboard in an area at home where you can work out and you will find yourself more motivated (and sure of your routine) to work out by following these simple yet amazing exercises. Or…. save your print-outs in a duotang folder and bring them with you to the gym. Being organized and prepared to train is just as important as being committed and disciplined as you train.


Healthy regards,
– Susana Andres Mignosa

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