Sleep may be the most ignored or most taken for granted activity and cause of disease next to bad nutrition.
I found this write up that I just have to share. It discusses the great need for sleep, the many benefits of sleep, the harm that occurs when one does not get enough rest and sleep, and how to sleep better – and….. it explains why each person today needs much more rest and sleep than in past generations.

I hope you find this interesting and helpful – and if you are like me, who doesn’t typically get enough sleep, may you (and me) begin to take the importance of sleep much more seriously. I may eat relatively clean and healthy and exercise regularly but I don’t give my body and brain enough rest to rejuvenate which in turn makes me suscesptible to frequent headaches or colds. I just got over a nasty head cold and promised myself to sleep it off AND get to bed early from now on during the week.

So take a read and make sleep a priority. Your body will thank you for it 🙂

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