Monthly Archives: August 2016

The effort required to feel and be fit is worth it, for life

Genes never helped anybody pick the right foods or hit the gym floor at 6 am or after work, or go for runs Sunday mornings, or find the time during a lunch break to walk, walk, walk. Or chose to not over-indulge all the time on sweets or one of my favorites – chips. It’s […]

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Stepping outside your comfort zone

🙌 “Stepping outside your comfort zone and doing what makes you happy even if you feel silly is what makes life so exciting”. ~ Susana Andres-Mignosa Photo Credit: Paul Buceta @paulbuceta Date: June 2016 #photoshoot #findyourselfapaul #strongwomen #strongmoms #rockabilly #timeless #youthfullness #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #laughatyourself 

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