The effort required to feel and be fit is worth it, for life


Genes never helped anybody pick the right foods or hit the gym floor at 6 am or after work, or go for runs Sunday mornings, or find the time during a lunch break to walk, walk, walk. Or chose to not over-indulge all the time on sweets or one of my favorites – chips. It’s you as a person; its always been YOU!

I hear people say ‘she’s lucky’ or ‘your naturally fit’ or ‘you have good genes’.

Over the past 25 years, I went through periods of having been much skinnier and consequently weak and ill, as well as heavier and not feeling strong at all.I also struggled with adult acne and the ‘blues’ due to poor choices with food and my loss of interest in exercising for a while. I had to lose 35 lbs of post pregnancy weight and say goodbye to my daily dose of McDonald’s strawberry sundaes. I can put on 10-15 lbs in no time!! I looooooove digging into a jar of Nutella or polishing off a bag of chips and have to mentally control those indulgence because I know that it WILL show up on my thighs and effect my skin….and mood. And even after I do break and over-indulge, I start over and go for my runs or walks…I let it go and just eat better again for today. I forgive myself but don’t forget. Lol!

So looking or feeling good can take a little (sometimes a lot) of effort but that effort is worth it and gets easier and easier when you stop focusing on the results or comparing yourself to someone else and instead focus on the daily choices you make to help you feel good for today. Yes, your physiology, your genes has something to do with it, but soooooo much more has to do with YOU and the effort and choices you make. So please stop assuming it’s just easy for others …. and get moving, eat better, and stop making excuses. I worked hard mentally and physically for months b4 this photo was taken! Had I not exercised or not eat nutritionally healthy food I would NOT have looked fit like this.

A very wise and truly inspiring woman I know recently reminded me as well of one more important point to keep in mind; that staying active and eating food that nourishes the body is a life long committment. She said “think of it as lifetime committment to your health and well-being – so when you are in your70’s, 80’s, 90’s you can still enjoy life and your families.”

We only have one body and it’s the only vehicle that we can’t sell or replace so we must take care of it and make it function the best possible – and if it feels broken or weak, you can repair it, strengthen it with proper nutrition and fitness/exercise (cardio and strength training.

You are beautiful. We are all beautiful. Nourish your body and mind with healthy food and physically and fun activities that get you moving. And remember, it’s not that important to look fit as it is to FEEL and BE FIT!
Much love,

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Photo Credit: Paul Buceta

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