Tips for Mindful Eating at Christmas


Mindful Eating during the Christmas holidays might be challenging with an abundance of delicious Christmas meals and treats all around us, and for some there might be a bit of pressure or quilt to try & eat a lot of everything that our host (perhaps your mom or mother-n-law) prepared…. but keep in mind that it’s about WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, ACCEPTANCE, not guilt.

CHECK OUT this page written by Emma Mills, Compliments of the Bthoughtful blog, and test out the 5 Starter Practices for Mindful Eating, especially #1 – 3 at today’s and tomorrow’s family gathering at the dining room table. I know I will! 🙂

The Key to a successful Holidays period, is to pair good food choices with feeling good you 🙂

Merry Mindful Christmas!
~Susana Andres-Mignosa

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