About Susana

Hi. My name is Susana. I’m a certified health coach, FitnessSTAR Agency Model and ambassador, avid nature walker and overall fitness enthusiast. I view the benefits of and effort to eating well and working out very holistically so my aim is to always use holistic approaches to training, nutrition and overall wellness when I am asked to help busy professional women and stay-at-home moms achieve their fitness or weight-loss goals. I essentially encourage women of ANY age to exercise and eat clean on a regular basis so that she can attain a  sustainable and healthy weight, build strong muscles, feel better, look better, be happier! I also offer tips/ways to reduce sugar and high sodium food cravings, increase energy and manage stress and recommend delicious and nutrient rich food recipes that work for me. I also provide advice and coaching for women who are thinking about entering a fitness or bikini competition and/or photoshoots. Essentially, I love to share what I know with others.

What works for me specifically may not work specifically for you, but what I can offer is a whole lot of healthy tips, info, advice and encouragement that will ultimately give you the knowledge and drive to try things out and see where it will take you – which can only lead to the best version of yourself 🙂

Having battled my own demons with unhealthy dieting habits a distorted view of what ‘fit’ looks like (during my early 20’s), and now trying to find the time to work out and eat well while juggling work, coaching, volunteering and being a busy mom and wife, I totally understand first-hand the challenges and frustrations of maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I also feel that same pain at times that a lot of us women (don’t deny it) feel when we see that we have put on a little too much weight or that we just don’t look or feel as youthful as we use to look and feel. But I quickly snap out of the negative self talk, and you can too! It’s all about loving ourselves, and giving our bodies, mind and soul the love and fuel we need to feel better, look better and do better for. If we strive to create and focus on healthy habits, and not restrictions, we will certainly AGAIN reep the fruit of a healthy mind and a healthy body.

I’m now at a point in my life where I feel confident that I have something to share . I want to encourage and help others to feel as positive and motivated to be fit, healthy and happy and to looking and feeling amazing because seeing that I can help others makes me very happy. I myself feel better than I have felt in years.

I have learned how to slow down and fine-tune how to  eat (and what to eat). I try to  create food for my family and I that is healthier, looks good and is good for you. I also have the belief that we can take and have any food that we like to eat (including so called ‘cheat meals’) by simply substituting certain ingredients that are harmful to our bodies with healthier alternatives.  My thoughts of how to feel rejuvenated and to look younger and to keep fit is  simply to eat healthier and exercise, rest, meditate and make time for fun. There is NO MAGIC pill – just a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition.

I have also found how amazing one feels and can look if they are consistently moving : daily cardio and strength exercises/movements and to practice stretching and meditation in a way that grounds you when life gets busy and a little turbulent.

I feel confident that I can now, more than ever before, share some insight, coach and mentor – and even if I only resonate with a few, I know that I am contributing in a positive way and creating a tiny ripple effect.

Speaking of ‘ripple effect’, I am a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition who has created a massive ripple effect in mentoring health coaches throughout North America and is playing a crucial role in improving health and happiness. I received my certification in 2015. To learn more about IIN, check out the website at http://www.integrativenutrition.com.


I am also a blogger, a fitness & wellness motivational speaker, published author and fitness model. I am a life-long athlete and running afficionado having run my 1st half marathon at the age of 42. I also started competing and thriving on the bikini & fitness model stage at the age 39 yrs young. So when I say ‘timless fitness’ I truly mean that we are made to be fit for life!

I love staying active by going for walks with my family and dog,  evening or weekend running, weight training, swimming, taking classes such as Zumba and cardio combat, swimming, and practicing yoga. I also enjoy pencil drawing, practicing my meditations and have most recently fell back in love with cooking and baking all things green , colourful and healthy.  You may be asking yourself when and how the heck do I fit this all in.  I find the time or make the time and select the activities that matter most or that I crave the most during a given time.


As a health coach and fitness & wellness motivational speaker and blogger, I am committed to helping people get back on a path to wellness and to achieve vibrant health! I take an integrative approach to wellness, with a focus on nutrition, physical activity, emotional balance, natural ways to relieve stress, and having fun! For my clients specifically, I provide customized programs to support their specific goals and concerns.

My goal is to educate, support and empower everyone I work with or who follows my blogs! I try to provide motivational tips and recipes and information that I know can work for me. No two people are alike but if you are a busy mom like me, I think you will truly appreciate and find useful in some way, shape or form the things that I know can keep us fit and happy and can rejuvenate our bodies, mind and soul – and if what works for me, does not work for you, I can help you create a wellness plan that works best for you and for your lifestyle!


I hope that you can get to a place where you no longer feel bad about the way you look or feel. I hope that you can get to a place where you can transform from tired to energized, from feeling bad to feeling good, jittery to calm, busy to quiet and unhealthy to healthy!

So enjoy (enjoy my blog too), relax, eat well, get moving and if you need my help as your health coach, please contact me today to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION and let’s get started! During this 40 minute phone session, I will answer all your questions and we will discuss how I can best support your timeless fitness goals!

Healthy and caring regards,


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  1. Hello Sue
    It’s Tanya (Donny’s wife) from down the street . When you have a minute I have a few questions for you . please email me at the above address
    Thank you

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