7 Reasons to lift heavy weights

I recently read an article in Prevention’s August 2013 ‘Love your whole life’ edition that for women in their 40’s muscle mass can drop as much as 10% “torpedoeing” metabolism and boosting the odds of weight gain, especially a build up of deep and dangerous abdominal fat that can double your risks of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. On your 50’s you can lose up to 10% of bone density in the spine and hip over 5 years during menopause. Well the 40’s is my new decade (turning 40 next month) so this Wonder Woman plans to increase the weight of her dumbbells!

I use to be afraid of increasing the weights, thinking I would get too big, too muscular and lose my femininity, that is until I started to train more seriously for my first physique competition and loved my new ‘gun’ and sculpted shoulders and quads. My fiance loves them too, as do my girlfriends who are all asking how I did it so they canimage too!! But after reading the article in Prevention and doing a little research on the subject of losing muscle mass and bone density as we age, I am more concerned on staying strong and healthy in my 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond than winning another title or medal – although I can do with the latter too :-).

Ladies, in order to remain physically super powerful, we must exercise, eat well, rest and rebuild muscle mass with a few weekly strength-training sessions, and replace the safe 5 lb dumbbells with 10 lbs and up.

Below is a comprehensive article listing the top 7 reasons why women should lift heavy weights, compliments of Well+Good.
It really is worth your time.

With love and good health,
your Warrior Sister,
– Susana


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